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Current Changes
Changes in 4.2
- Added Skill Tree
- Added XP
- Added Speed potion
- Added Pinetrees
- Added more menus
- Added multisaving
- Added Pinecones
- Added Pine saplings
- Added magic heart ore in caves
- Added Boomerang
- Added level transitions
- Added daytime cheat
- Increased acorn drop rate
- More easy to level
- Relocated "Current level" text
- Fix for scaling for more devices
- Faster loading
- Tweeked controls
- Start for OUYA support
- Graphic engine improved
- Not limited by 10 hearts. (max can be 20 now)
- Slightly changed mob AI
- More debug output
- Better entity handler
- Major code cleanup
- Creative mode now lets you craft anything without resources
- Donation fix for some devices
- Many big fixes
Still being worked on:
new mobs
Difficulty menu

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