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Pigeoncraft was original ported from Minicraft, created by Notch for a LD22 competition in December of 2011. After the game was considered "finished" by Notch. I decided to take the game many steps farther than the original. 

So on January 9th 2012 I release Pigeoncraft 0.1 Alpha to the Google Play Market. Although the title menu said Pigeoncraft, it had nothing really changed from the original PC version except for the code to port it.  So in Version 0.2 I added something everyone would recognize from the Minecraft community, a Creeper! So as the version number bumped up 1 by 1, I added more and more such as Saving and Loading, Chickens, Place able Blocks, torches and much more. So much so, that without the original graphics you couldn't recognize the game!

Sure there are many other "mods" for minicraft. But have you seen any that have come so far and is available on Android?

Without your feedback the game wouldn't be what it is today and what it will continue to be in the future!



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